EE115: Introduction to ECE

EE115 taught by COL James Squire is one section of a series of six 0.5 credit-hour modules instructed by different ECE faculty members designed to introduce students to the breadth of the electrical and computer engineering discipline. Modules provide hands-on training with ECE equipment, including computer hardware and software packages. ECE topics and training are reinforced across multiple modules to emphasize intra-disciplinary connections. (1 credit hour)

Lecture Schedule

In the following table, the homework is assigned on the day listed and due at the start of the following lesson. CP stands for "collaborative problems" and are not collected or graded; they are solved problems either worked in class or available for the student to study out of class that illustrate problems of the type assigned for homework. If you are confident with the homework, you don't need to do them. If you are struggling with the homework, you may find you can learn from seeing how similar problems are solved.

# Date Title Downloads
1 8 Sep Introduction and syllabus Syllabus
2 15 Voltage, current, and charge HW 1
3 22 Ohm's Law.  R's in series, parallel. CP Problems
CP Solutions
HW 2
4 29 Spice I: DC analysis.  Voltage dividers. LTspice walkthrough
5 6 Oct Laboratory techniques In-class Assignment - Blinker
6 13 Matlab I: Matlab as a calculator Matlab Tutorial I
HW 3
7 20 Spice II: Time analysis LTspice walkthrough
In-class Assignment - LTspice II
8 27 Matlab II: Programming Matlab Tutorial II
HW 4
9 3 Nov Project overview & Module I Module 1
10 10 Ethics & Module II Module 2.pdf
IEEE Code of Ethics
11 17 Amplifiers, oscilloscopes & Module III Module 3
12 24 Spice III: Schematic capture & Module IV Module 4
13 1 Dec Contest  
14 8 Dec End of course administration